I. Request for Services

This is the initial call where you contact us for services and let us know the extent of the work so we can assign the right person to the project

II. Initial Site Visit (If Applicable)

If we are required to a site-visit to properly scope and price the project click here

One of our professionals will contact you to schedule an on-site meeting to complete a walk through, discuss the scope of the project in more detail and get an idea of the budget

III. Design Process (If Applicable)

If we are to provide design drawings click here

  • Design Plan Proposal:
    Estimate is provided for design and budget cost of the project and agreement is signed

  • Field Measuring & Project Evaluation:
    A Project Manager will be assigned to your project and along with our Architect will visit the site to further define and understand the scope of the work as well as to identify must-haves and wish list items to use in the design

  • First Draft Conference:
    Once the preliminary design is ready for review based on the defined requirements we will provide it by email and set up a meeting to review it together and to get your feedback

  • Second Draft Conference:
    With your feedback from the will provide it by email and set up a meeting to review it together and to get your feedback

  • Construction Documents:
    This is where we develop drawings for all the required permits

IV. Construction BUILD Process

  • Construction Proposal, Pricing and Contract:
    This is where pricing and terms are agreed to and contract is signed Permitting Your Project Manager will apply for required permits as needed and manage all the details

  • Preconstruction Meeting:
    Your Project Manager will meet with you to coordinate details regarding logistics and schedule as well as answer any questions you may have (if project is small this step will be bypassed)

  • Construction Meetings:
    Based on the size of the project your Project Manager will determine at what frequency it makes sense to schedule recurring meetings to keep you updated on the progress of the project (if project is small this step will be bypassed)

  • Construction:
    Your Project Manager will be your first point of contact during the construction phase and the work will be completed in a professional manner under their direction

  • Final Inspections and Punch List:
    Once the work has been completed, your Project Manager will coordinate any required final inspections as well as complete a final walk through with you to create a punch list of anything needing attention so that it can be addressed

  • Warranty:
    Our work will be guaranteed for one full year and if anything should occur during that time we are a phone call away