As a leading build-design contractor Lofft Construction is committed to sustainable construction practices and embraces social responsibility.  From our material selection and recycling efforts, Lofft is committed to leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible.  Additionally, we support local organizations with donations and volunteerism.

Participating in philanthropic causes is consistent with our principles in that it builds an organization that both employees and customers are proud to be associated with.


Some of our efforts include:

Miriam’s Kitchen

Lofft Construction gives back to our community right in our own backyard by hosting an ‘Italian Night’ meal at Miriam’s Kitchen to feed the homeless twice a year.  These are events that we look forward to and take great pride in.  To learn more about Marion’s Kitchen and their efforts please visit

Habitat for Humanity

As part of Lofft Construction’s material disposal process we donate our extra unused materials from our projects to Habitat for Humanity Restores in our community.  To learn more about Habitat for Humanity and their programs please visit